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Common Questions

For Volunteers

On the homepage click on the 'Opportunities' tab, from here you can search by organisation name, opportunity name, key words or location. To further assist you find a suitable opportunity, you can also refine your searches using the filters based on your requirements (category, day & time, duration etc).

Once you have found a suitable opportunity click on the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the page. You will then be required to enter details about yourself which once submitted will be sent on to the community organisation .

We understand that there may be a few opportunities that you are interested in. However, there is a limit to how many you can express interest in at one time. We recommend you choose your top two or three and then wait to hear back. This limit is in place to prevent organisations becoming overloaded with expressions of interest and to help you prioritise your selections.

This depends on the organisation who is listing the position. Some organisations only have part time staff/volunteers. If you haven't heard anything at all from them after one week then we recommend you contact them directly.

When you first communicate with the community group, be open and honest about your level of commitment (make sure you really consider your professional and personal commitments). If you think that it's too much of a commitment, then you are entitled to withdraw. However, once you agree to proceed with the volunteering, the community group will be relying on you and it costs them time and money if you pull out of the project.

Yes, when you search for an opportunity/ organisation on SEEK Volunteer there is the function on the site that allows you to sign up for notifications on that search. All you need to do is enter your email address to subscribe (the option to sign up for notifications will appear at the bottom of your search result).

You can also flag opportunities as favourites , so you can revisit them later. So if you like it but you’re not quite sure yet click on the 'Favourite Opportunity' button and when you visit the site next time you'll be able to easily view the opportunity under the 'Favourites' tab.

No. There are no charges to use SEEK Volunteer for volunteers or community groups.

Your personal details are passed on to the organisation who listed the position you have expressed interest in and a copy kept in our database. For more information please read our privacy statement.

It is important to ask the organisation you are volunteering for if they have insurance to cover you in the case of accident or injury, as Volunteers are not paid employees and are therefore not covered by WorkSafe. You should ask the organisation if they have both Public Liability (the policy must mention Volunteers) and personal accident insurance for volunteers.

Please ask the community organisation you are volunteering with to provide you feedback on your volunteering if you wish.

On SEEK Volunteer you are unable to provide feedback on your volunteering experience, however you can provide your feedback on your volunteering experience directly to the community organisation.

No SEEK Volunteer does not currently have a mobile app but our website is mobile friendly.

For Community Organisations

  • SEEK Volunteer has been operating in New Zealand since 2015
  • We are free service to both Not-for-profit organisations and Social Enterprise
  • SEEK Volunteer works collaboratively with Volunteer New Zealand to enable more individuals to volunteer
  • We continue to promote volunteering in the community
  • There is no costs involved for Community organisations and Volunteers and
  • We have a feature on our site that allows potential volunteers to be emailed when new opportunities are posted on our site.

To sign up a new organisation for SEEK Volunteer please complete the online application on our website.

No, there is no cost involved for community organisations using SEEK Volunteer.

To reset your password simply click on the 'Forgot your password' link on the sign in page of SEEK Volunteer

To update your details please contact our support team by emailing them at

To consolidate your accounts please email our team at

Organisations should only have one profile on SEEK to avoid duplications. However if your organisation has different locations across New Zealand you can have multiple profiles, we would recommend the new profiles include your location in the organisation title.

SEEK Volunteer works collaboratively with Volunteering New Zealand, who have a number of really useful resources to help you work with volunteers more. To check them out visit

No SEEK Volunteer is only for New Zealand based opportunities. If you are interested in posting opportunities in Australia please have a look at the SEEK Volunteer Australia website